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Jaystone777: I preffered EXP over ETH before all of this even started.

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Clayboyn: btc spike drives the price of all other coins to the floor.Varvarin: barrakunta, I say close, cus I unravelled it in April. was just waiting to see it happen.GreyCoin: dlenihan75, i will try to remember that.its hard for me most of the time:).Anondran: Clayboyn, that was a 100 btc hack, and the coins were returned in a few months.Futterwacken: maltsev.mikhail2015, I have no information about new coins being added.Teekay: ileathan, I have no children therefore I eat the coins myself.

Hot Dogecoin Reddit topics: soon my shibes. soon; TFW remembering that you bought 5000 Doge three years ago (worth nearly 5000 dogecoin today), and then.Clayboyn: Raginglikeaboss, first time I ever bought any Eth it was.0001.NEMBER1: jaderayub, inflation is good if you want poison water.Ricevi dati storici gratuiti per BTC/DKK (Bitcoin Corona Danese). E' possibile trovare il prezzo di chiusura e di apertura, come anche il massimo e il minimo e la.

PumpinDumpin: Yes you might get hit with the stray x-ray or two, but on the bright side that will keep your child support payments lower (warning sign on the x-ray room door).Banhammer: III banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Futterwacken.Mulligan: Anondran, that is like asking how many poor people are in Norway the answer is 2 lol.MtGox. 建立提示. 建立. LOC/BTC; HGT/BTC; 北美; BTC/USD. charts and buy/sell signals contained within this website.You are gambling in the dev and the community and their ability.ThinkingCoin: brb I go for lunch - remember you keep the glass ready again.Futterwacken: Anondran, I have seen multiple accounts but let me get back to you on the exact answer on that.

Clayboyn: shmadz, some coins require more confirmations than others.PumpinDumpin: Crap my bot put in a stop loss on that last dump of btc for 680.Futterwacken: rhughes1991, sorry to hear about, lets wait for the resolution about the issue.BladeRunner: Clayboyn, lol and it will be going back to near that again.Do some research, but might be a good idea to report it come tax returns.

Futterwacken: shmadz, you will get a response from our support team within the next 48 hours, we appreciate your patience.CryptWalk: DaSmooth, oh i know it is, but i just dont celebrate it. its a sad dsy for all of crypto. imagine it dint stumble.CryptoDev: Varvarin, hahah yeah especially in this developer field.FUD: Liska is geting annoying.I think she might be a btc digger just like MAID.FLIPPA: CaptAhab, some micro alt that just got fresh branding and is active on twitter.PumpinDumpin: Would be different if I had put it in an hour or two ago and it dropped, that sort a thing happens.XMRMafia01: making some nice coin off dash dips and spikes, such consistency.Futterwacken: Atroci, same results here, no activities for the past few days then a sudden spike thats why it shows something like that.

CryptoDev: GoldmanSachs, sick of this hype, it aint going no where isince a week lol.NEMBER1: jaderayub, depend on volume, if you sell too early you will get left behind. (sell at 2000 and it goes to 10000.

Varvarin: FolderOne, my breakeven for the remaining is 20 sats.WideOpenRoad: newrumour, sounds like the hills, have a chat with him, at least your get a summer.Clayboyn: but you leak 1% a day forever, it eventually becomes too close to 100% to cover the legit money.GreyCoin: ETHsharecropper, nope, but I think she passes one this morning.Teekay: Anondran, all this uncertainty has ETH heads doing flips:D.WideOpenRoad: NEMBER1, 2017 psychic predictions btc will go up.Either way, we are not responsible from the trading decisions you make, and the gains and losses you experience as a result of acting on any of the insight read here.

Futterwacken: jaderayub, we do not want that here in the box, thanks for understanding.Teekay: jwgealt, I was actually hoping to discuss the finer points of Quantum Physics:P.ETHsharecropper: GreyCoin, in the US these days all we do is get offended.Futterwacken: MeyMey, same goes for you sir, lets watch the caps please.

Raginglikeaboss: BiggusDickus, the lending rates skyrocketed on LTC, so someone is shorting it.Andre345678: we should have been at 900 by now, this demotivation is not fun.GrandCosmos: the one in vancouver wa gets drivers license info.ETHsharecropper: GreyCoin, malaka laka layle (and good night.).Futterwacken: hepc, please stop that, I am asking you for the txid so that I can take a look.

XMRMafia01: abdulbtc1984, under the radar release of the SC cluster server.nice.DustOff: it has some qualities that could make it very valuable in the future.I almost am positive I make more off then than they earn by renting my units.