How to safely buy moneros

LBCMiner: Trump blocked certain news agencies like CNN and NY times from news conference.Xapo: JohnsJohnJohnny, please do not compare satoshi Nakamoto and Evan Duffield.Hmanana: Namtara, given the high dash loan rate and the low XMR price, I believe that dash gains might fill the xmr dip.Febo: FalconTrader, XMR increased number of transactions x6 in last year.SolarPowered: incogniito, check out the Notices for more info there to help keep your account safe.SolarPowered: doughboy, Good point but I am not sure sorry as mods are not part of that process.OracleofPOLO: will BELA break 5000 today is the big question today.SolarPowered: secantbank, In that case please follow the steps support lists as they will know best in this case thank you.

Socket: s0meguy, between block size and sec they will create the fud drop. then collect back until next half.This was in many ways a continuation of his policies while he was the governor of California.Dannymax333: CoinPadawan, i went down pretty far with it is read somewhere that one of the developers of ripple that left a while back is threating the coin with his 5.I know lot of people who took large loans to finance their undergrad education.The mythology is that his owning a bunch of coins somehow matters if people see value in it.Dannymax333: IanCurtis, lol sorry if that sounded mean i pressed enter before i could type: now that i got some help.

The power of signs and wonders is embedded in the mystery of iniquity.BrazilianGuy: biodork, j33hopper, I have a PASC pending deposit (1 of 8 confirmations) since 21st.SleepySkiesCole: cryptoponka, short if you can hold 24h in hopes of the eventual drop.Zebra: theBunk, all you big mothes spreading lies about dash without any evidence, and when someone asks for prove you are making conspiracy theories.Socket: wbe4ever, DJpablo, s0meguy, you guys remember coinbase launch rocket to moon.Hmanana: CantTradeWontTrade, any language with HTTP facilities will help you reaching your goal.PumpyBrewster: sHeBiTmE, look at the chart, the block reward was 500 every two seconds, hence the reason 2 million were mined so fast.SatoshiNakamotorola: another ban hammer. thors hammer is flying around today.

Zebra: ZWhale, and on top of this dash is doublespend-prof agaisnst 51% it is a difference between DASH and bitcoin.Watchtower: numlock, Please file a support ticket at Include the transaction id, payment id, amount sent, and from where it was sent.Namtara: Unac, the chat is a little restrictive. it would be sweet to have an alternate. less moddy. chat.That was when my spirit told me to record every of our dealings (on my camera phone) in case he tries to deny our affairs.GoldenParazyth: Zebra, mods here support XMR shills, i have been wathcing troll box and same people spread lies.KerCHING: CryptoCatfish, OK, so you are saying that everyone who uses that system will achieve 80% profit and stay out of trouble.He brought it for me and said I should buy and I bought it for N3,000.Etaks: j33hopper, CANT YOU GUYS MAKE A CLEAR STORAGE BUTTON SOMEWHERE IN THE BAR.CryptoCatfish: KerCHING, I trade both markets, crypto isnt special, all markets have market makers.

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In Nigeria and elsewhere, the odd character shown by many so-called men of God has put a big question mark on the principles and doctrines of the faith they profess.You never see polygamy in which one woman has a number of husbands.CashCow: CoinDreamer, Shamoo, true. you wait to buy btc at a discount price.Hal: in the long run monero beats dash, but in the short run crypto markets are very irrational and are driven by noobs who like good marketing.SomethingCool: Original, pffft monero slack is infinitely better than trollbox.

Su100: Anyway, its dash sell weekend ahead, lets place trades.Zebra: ButcherofBallyhoo, hey hey, btc is valued by the market a lot more:D.RastaMiner: j33hopper, API is working properly again. thanks.DestroyAllHumans: daedra, also if you want to talk about consistency.Zebra: Xapo, I would like to see the Banhammer falling on you for what you are doing now.Denominator: I want to PUMP iron, then drink my protein shake and take a DUMP.DustOff: Haole, well, pretty much like that. no real usage but incentive to hoard (as long as other big masternodes do so).SouthEth: thehiddenconifold, trying to deposit some to sell, lol.

Watchtower: SixCent, Please wait for the 2000 confirmations. it takes a little time.He apologised for not seeking my consent before the abortion.BlackAmine: iamdanielmills, you have a link or just spreading fud.Igbo people say that whatever is obtained from the side of the pot always end up at the side of the month.Namtara: introvert, or dont get back on that pony and let it ride.You should see how they relate to the Lebanese, the Germans, the Indians and the Chinese.

Obit33: lobujit, haha, yeah, like dash needs to pay exchanges to be added.DestroyAllHumans: DonaldPump, I was describing a scenario where someone else places an ask a fraction of a second before I place a same price bid.Banhammer: Filipos76 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by SolarPowered.CryptoCatfish: KerCHING, All trading videos have to include that CFTC stuff.It was an eye opening experience but one I will recommend to the grown folks out there.

OaktreeCapital: terrybeth, Please STOP giving out your EMAIL in the Trollbox. Thank You.JohnsJohnJohnny: Denominator, btc should reach 20k or 10k if it follows the past historical bubbles.SouthEth: thehiddenconifold, only if you include my deposits that are not comming through.DestroyAllHumans: I was trying to do a type of arbitrage trading that involved 3 transactions in a row.QcMrHyde: hoser, Hehe, he seems to just be trolling about altcoins and the hate against dash is pretty high these days:P.Our universities are now like brothels: dens for horny oil workers and other expatriates.RE350: Everytime btc touches ATH and about to rip gold it crashes big. like a guy having a premature ejaculation on a valentines date.SolarPowered: heitormessias, I am not sure what you mean sorry.CashCow: Europe falling apart. btc will have a very good 2017 with or without ETF.

Takksplace: its funny that everyone es scared of asia waking up. and then asia is scared of the west waking up lol.One other thing is that some ministers seek short cut to anointing.Namtara: mycobacterium, its been manipulated too much for me to trust it.Zebra: j33hopper, Xapo is fudding here, I understand mods can not control all this spam, but it is strange.SleepySkiesCole: unluckyman, having enough in margin trading to benefit off 5% swings and hold out for anything larger is a plus.SolarPowered: iamdanielmills, You should have a transaction ID there you can search with.TheOnlyRYS: unluckyman, because all of it is in masternodes lol.PumpyBrewster: ButcherofBallyhoo, oh here we go, bring bitcoin into it. satoshi also was the first, and it was an experiment.

Zebra: sulkair, ah, all might happen:D no idea, im not god to forsee everything:D.Zebra: naturebreeze, XMR and eth are strictly btc corellated.