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slush bitcoin. 15:40 03Wed. buna ziua,am 24 ani si lucrez intr-un loc unde temperatura nu depaseste 11 grade si de mai bine de 6 luni imi. convert bitcoin to.Dinojack: Cherrybell, It will surpass btc in less than a month.

NeverAgain: MrsVader, You can either use buy order or stop limit.

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Rippler: themightyx, should of took the 30% haircut and went forward with 100 mil in dao.Cowpatties: ETH like Girlfriend that cheated on you with basketball team in high school.

Rippler: themightyx, regardless you keep buying I keep shorting.well chat next week brother.Mastodon: oldBTC, hehe. and those pesky europeans are asleep:P.AltRider: smallbit, any idea why the ETH is taking so long to be credited to my account.KamoKat: very few trolls just a bunch of greedy ugly little leprechauns here.

Trophycase: theskyisfalling, not sure you understand what decentralization means.VirtualMe: insa, yep like so many before it, and with the team not doing themselves any favors, it will fail soon enough.Meet Adylkuzz – the new cyberattack that. Proofpoint said it has detected infected machines that have transferred several thousand dollars worth of Monero to the.LongerThanMost: the fact that banks will use it until they are destroyed is good, use them.

VirtualMe: DEXALL, it is a web, Tual has already shown he can force the foundations hand.Cypher28: themightyx, think about what u just said and than apply that to a currency.

TeaEarlGreyHot: seems like every other coin in the space would of dumped if what happened to ETH happened to that coin.even btc.CryptoGuppy: CryptoPimpto, in my opinion that is really overpriced for a software that is clearly not ready for real world use yet.

Andaraan: Vitalik and his inside crew is ragebuying their own coin, hoping to lure people away from original ETC over to Vitalikcoin 2.0(ETH).芬兰Slush活动的组织者Miki Kuusi. Xuan Loc Xuan 色彩淡雅的人. 3比挖Monero收益更高的代币: ETN.VirtualMe: cryptofool85, and again and again and again, where will it end lol.Milutinovgoran77: SolarPowered, Awaiting Approval status for ETH withdrawal for 3 h.MattShmatt: now what if the price of btc takes off and leaves ETC behind.CryptoNeverSleeps: chem1st: running the two chains here and querying them directly using JSON-RPC.Cowpatties: There is no fork Neo. bitcoin Classic is the real ether.Rippler: themightyx, my friend it was an attack against change.

Andaraan: I hope ETC go to 50 million dollar per coin, then i can buy a small amount of food tomorrow since i have 0.00004 ETC left in my portfolio.GoVonDeeper: Ethereality, gotcha, makes sense i guess, thanks for the shady move polo, on a saturday night with no warning to cut my lending offers.