Making money mining moneros

KerCHING: godfather, freelancers are often more diligent than the worker-bee 9-5 jockeys.Mio: OncleBen, nope, i dont get answer today, i will call there tomorow.Britbear13: Alzheimer, dash offers no real utility over btc besides its childish governance model, which is similar to the dao that i never believed in anyway.XMR has privacy by default--the blockchain is a black box by default.I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man he made a good decision.

SolarPowered: BettyBoob, Our apologies for the delay however support is working hard and things will be back again as soon as is possible:).Khilone: A big thanks to Nicolas Dorier for the work on the bitcoin full node daemon of stratis.GodAlmighty: VenomGhost, Like be careful what you wish for it may come true.CryptoBitSeeker: theBunk, easily control the price, but that goes for many of these coins.Banhammer: ivicavra banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by VenomGhost.AWildKeccakAppears: Massdebater, anon by default like monero is strictly better than anon as an option.Britbear13: CryptoCatfish, i cant help but get passionate and excited about monero, were all only human and not robots.Drez: Out of all the main altcoins, ETC has the best chance to 5x.

You have to research for yourself, cuz a shill one day is a hater the next.SideShowBob: i use the harder approach as a last resort but i will use it if need be.You can toggle from day to night mode in the upper right of the site.Sankvtw: horizonstrader, as long as it takes XMR with it im ok with that.

Hal: CryptoCatfish, anything that reches mainstream will have a trllion dolalr market cap.You have found an item located in the Kentuckiana Digital Library. wiUt oqlnln ng money by faIll Iprctns. at 7c Instead of lOc r cthvDep.This is it for btc (short term) later in the year the price will be much higher once it regains catalysts.

KontraK: DonaldPump, cRypT0gElDiNG, Shes not giving me 100 percent.SolarPowered: Ether4ever, They need at least 2 confirms plus average block time for that coin.VenomGhost: chem1st, I wouldnt have any specifics to share on that.This trading chat comes from the chat box on an active altcoin trading website.Koyaanisqatsi: so tempting to short maid now untill You look at lending rates:D:D:D.NiceNsteady: lennontime, now nxt and ard. thoooosseee are jokes:D.DOCinTheBox: theBunk, Spread the instamined word let them all know.AKA some kids basement with some GPU farm and empty dorito bags everywhere.KerCHING: CringeTrading, thunderwolf, interesting report on rt today about legalised pot prices crashing, could impact the crypto pot price.

FenderLender: iofthebeholder, spiller, brb I will check papers.GodAlmighty: RiSCiSO, China can shutdown miners any time they want.Herbalist: Xr1977, lol yah ill be staying tuned for the announcement im off now going to eat cya later.

Rippler: batteryphil, so read up opn that link and thn check out dash graph to try it out.CryptoCatfish: Britbear13, You are a lover of another coin.You struggle to be objective when that happens.

Mythology & Collected Myths

DustOff: lennontime, in greece i noticed that greek breakfast consists of coffee and cigarette:).AWildKeccakAppears: AlmostGenius, the art of shilling is about subtlety.

Yukerboy: Whole world is on Kuzminkas so Melo will be underowned.LongTermInvestor: lobujit, thanks. gains are trickle down are happening in the bank stocks.OaktreeCapital: Startis will easily get beat my Amazon and Google, eventuallu.Rippler: regenerativemusic, wild wedst crytpto era you can have 100 polo accounts.

CryptoBuc: H7USHKA, I think the mods are from all over - Remote.GodAlmighty: theformerFA, Right, someday if it ever materializes it may be worth something.Britbear13: but its just got big problems and offers really nothing unique and in high demand.